n. & v.
1 a flat, thin strip or loop of material (e.g. paper, metal, or cloth) put round something esp. to hold it together or decorate it (headband).
2 a a strip of material forming part of a garment (hatband; waistband). b a stripe of a different colour or material on an object.
3 a a range of frequencies or wavelengths in a spectrum (esp. of radio frequencies). b a range of values within a series.
4 Mech. a belt connecting wheels or pulleys.
5 (in pl.) a collar having two hanging strips, worn by some lawyers, ministers, and academics in formal dress.
6 archaic a thing that restrains, binds, connects, or unites; a bond.
1 put a band on.
2 a mark with stripes. b (as banded adj.) Bot. & Zool. marked with coloured bands or stripes.
Phrases and idioms:
band-saw a mechanical saw with a blade formed by an endless toothed band.
Etymology: ME f. OF bande, bende (sense 6 f. ON band) f. Gmc
n. & v.
1 an organized group of people having a common object, esp. of a criminal nature (band of cutthroats).
2 a a group of musicians, esp. playing wind instruments (brass band; military band). b a group of musicians playing jazz, pop, or dance music. c colloq. an orchestra.
3 US a herd or flock.
— & intr. form into a group for a purpose (band together for mutual protection).
Phrases and idioms:
Band of Hope an association promoting total abstinence from alcohol.
Etymology: ME f. OF bande, bander, med.L banda, prob. of Gmc orig.

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